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Sorrow is always personal, so any form of consolation that others show is not worth all the extended burden you need to deal with. This is one of the main reasons why I can’t seem to fathom the suicidal tendencies of Japanese folk. But I’ve also come to realize that they might have found the cure to their existentialism that leads them to their suicidal thoughts. That would be porn. Ironically, while Japan has a problem with its low population, they have the best and most active porn stars. Why am I talking about all this? I’m about to introduce you to one of the best Japanese porn sites of all time. It’s something that goes by the name All Japanese Pass.

We all know by now that when a porn site is labeled “pass,” that means it’s something really massive. It’s something you would bet your money on if you want to enjoy porn in great quantities. But the great thing about All Japanese Pass is that they’re not just about the numbers.

They make sure that their content actually contains depth in it. How are they able to make this possible? The site is actually more like an incorporation. Or in simpler terms, it’s a porn network. The contents of the site are sourced from a wide array of Japanese porn sites. The best part is these are select Jap sites, all the best only and nothing less. So it’s really eclectic in the best of ways. It’s the best way to expand your horizons if you’re someone who happens to have a fetish for Japanese porn content.

How much should you be expecting from this ultimate Asian porn network? Don’t worry if you think you’re raising your bars way too high. ‘Cause you’re not. You’re really up for a thrilling ride just by going beyond the thresholds of this network. As of today, they have over 8000 videos injected into the site.

You can choose the videos per site affiliate or based on the models. You can also pick by genre and fetishes. There’s really a lot you can do apart from enjoying the vids in HD and vintage format.

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All Japanese Pass Review

All the best Asian porn vids are here for you in All Japanese Pass. Once you are subscribed, you can feel free to stream limitless and download limitless. Bonus features include photo galleries and site forums where you can interact with other horny users.